I consider myself a workaholic that still finds time to have fun. I have spent 30 plus years at small Connecticut manufacturing company a “Paper Converting Company” where I hold two critical positions. Those positions are Director of Information Technology and Manufacturing Productivity Manager. In my Manufacturing Productivity Manager Role there I have had the pleasure of designing and building specialized machinery used on the manufacturing floor. I get to play with things like Servo Motors & Drives, Motion Controllers, PLC’s and HMI’s (Touchscreens), Pneumatics and Hydraulics. I have extensive experience paper slitting, tooling and paper converting equipment. On the IT side of things I have been a computer nerd since Windows 95. At one point early on I had built a multi processor scsi raid server with 8gb, 10k Seagate hard drives running Windows NT server. This was my desktop. I’m still that person and I still build a new workstation every year for nostalgia sake. These days at the day job I currently manage the entire company infrastructure and support with minimal 3rd party support and expense.

I have also spent 20 years as a property manager for an apartment building that was owned by the business owners of my day job.

When I clock out at the day job I’m working my personal business which consists of twenty something websites dedicated to outdoor activities, photography, problem solving and living life in general. I’m very good with WordPress and all that goes with getting content online. I rent a dedicated server from Liquid Web and a Virtual Private server from Dreamhost to host my sites (and a few clients). I know more about SEO, SEM and Google than anyone who doesn’t do it for a living should have too.

I like to know how to do EVERYTHING MYSELF. I like the education as much as the end result. On the side I also do a bit of website consulting.

When I’m not working I can be found enjoying the outdoors, mountain biking, fishing, hiking and walking my German Shepherd Dog Sullivan. I rescue cats, I have two Ocicats Odin and Ryan Reynolds. I have a tremendous passion for photography.

I do not have any two legged children but I have been fortunate enough to become a teacher, mentor and friend to some amazing young people in my life. They are the biggest reason I get out of bed each morning.


Andrew Schur