Beginners Guide to Starting and Creating a Website for Personal or Professional Use

This page falls under the old adage “If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me” and this case asked me “How do I make a website?” I wouldn’t be rich but I would be able to buy a lot of coffee. I get it though, today there are so many ways to have a website that range from easy and free to expensive and complicating. These choice can make the first steps to a website overwhelming.

At the same time when starting a website there are a lot of pitfalls  to avoid. Starting off without best practices or even wrongly can be very difficult and possibly expensive to overcome. Nobody wants to do the wrong thing, it’s a stressful waste of time and money. Education and proper planning will save you time aggravation and money.

The goal of not this page but this entire website is to guide non technical people to the proper path of a website whether for fun or business that suits their needs. I will start with the basics from buying a domain name to going live. Eventually I will get in to the more complex under the hood stuff like images, formatting of text and site structure. Things like Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics are not optional. If you want your site to get visitors in today’s crowded internet there are things you MUST DO.

So many times I run into friends and acquaintances who wish they spoke to me before starting down the path to a website. You are getting the benefit of my 12 years of experience and often doing things wrong at first. I did the trial by fire so you do not have to. I am not a super technical guy, I am also not a coder. I am simply a motivated guy who has enough skills to get things done or knows how to get the answers to get things done.

Beginners Guide to Creating a Website or Blog in Easy to Follow Steps

  1. Pick a Domain Name – How to choose a domain name for a website.
  2. Guide to Buying a Domain Name – Where do you buy a domain name? Avoid paying for domain add-on’s that you don’t need.
  3. Website Types – What type of website do you need? How much work are you willing to do?
  4. Website Hosting – Choose best host for your website needs and skill level.

More coming soon