At the day job I am often tasked with removing user passwords from password protected Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents. In the eyes of my coworkers I am a genius hacker for this skill. The truth of the matter is removing passwords from Excel spreadsheets and Word document is so simple you will be surprised. The best part is you can remove the passwords for free. You do not need to buy software to hack the passwords. All you need is a free Google account.

Remove Office Document Passwords in Six Steps

  1. Visit your or register for a Google Account
  2. Browse to Google Docs to remove a Word document password or browse to Google Sheets to remove a password from an Excel spreadsheet.
  3. Select the “Open File Picker” tool
  4. Once the “Open File Picker” window opens choose the option “Upload” a file and navigate to your password protected file and select it
  5. From the “File” menu choose “Download as” and select .doc or .docx for Word documents or .xls .xlsx for Excel spreadsheets.
  6. Save the file to your computer
Google Open File Picker Tool

Google Open File Picker Tool


Google File Upload

Google File Upload


Google Download As Menu Option

Google Download As Menu Option

That’s it the new copy of your documents has been stripped of password protection.

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