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Welcome to the re-invention of- this website and myself. Over the years this page has served as a simple place holder and as 2018 approaches I decided it was time for a change. Why change now? In 2005 I made my first website. Since that time I quietly turned that single website into a business of about 20 very successful websites and two large online communities. Along that way I have learned a lot most of which was trial by fire. I often find myself in the position of helping people get started with their own website. Well recently it hit me that while there’s no shortage of information on creating websites and blogs there is a shortage of information for folks who have no idea where to start. That’s where I come in. Within this site I hope to guide non technical users to their first steps of success. Content will be heavy on what I use myself. There will be a tremendous amount of examples and references of WordPress, WordPress Plugins, Elegant Themes DIVI, Yoast SEO.

In a very short time visitors will understand the differences and details of website hosting. What is Hosted WordPress? What is VPS? I will answer that! I will also demystify scary acronyms like FTP and DNS. I will even show you how to use them! Most importantly I will also answer questions and comments. I don’t claim to be an expert there’s much smarter people than me. What I am good at is solving problems and teaching people how to do things themselves.

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